[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 8 22:03:13 EDT 2003

I have BTDT and thought it was worth my money, but
I had a clear vision of what I was trying to create-
a high performance S2- a car not available here in the
states at any price.  In the end you do this because
you want to, not because it makes sense.
A few comments below...

--- "Buchholz, Steven"
<Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> wrote:
> No BTDT, but the price seems awfully steep to me ...
> unless perhaps they are
> freshening and tweaking the motor.

Yes they do, I have 2 pages of new parts they
consumed doing mine.  They do the timing belt, WP,
seals, etc. at the front.  VC gasket.  A bunch of new
sensors.  On and on.

>You can get a
> 20v engine for a little
> more than one third of what 2B is quoting for the
> total.  In some ways I'd
> expect that the conversion to a 20vT would be easier
> than for a factory 10vT

Ah but the wires... I did a lot of research before
going to 2B, and there is well over 100hrs of labor
just getting the wires straight.  And that is if you
know what you are doing.  Others who didn't spent
closer to 300hrs. getting it right. Basically, you are

combining 2 harnesses into one.  Trip computer,
climate control, dashboard, etc. need to be massaged
in to the new ECU harness along with the 20vt engine
sensors and controls.

> ... the intake and fuel plumbing is so much simpler
> with the 3B or AAN as
> compared to an MC.

As I said, the heavy lifting is on the electrical
side, the mechanical stuff is a small fraction of the
total effort.

In addition to the engine I'd
> imagine you'd need a new
> exhaust system,

better brakes (means new wheels and tires).  Probably
upgraded suspension, or at least replace all the tired
old bushings.  What about the IC?  you will need some
front end work to accommodate it.

> revised core support.  Do you get a brand new turbo?


>  Does it include a
> tranny or do you have to use the remaining
> drivetrain from the car?

The old one, so it better be in good shape.

> Seems to me you can get
> the whole ur-S4 for $11.5K!

That is the sobering truth.  But again, I had a goal
and spent a couple years researching the options.  In
the end 2B was the hands-down best choice... for me.
It is not a trivial project and not to be entered

Matt Rooke
'91cq//20vt (modified)
'00S4//30vtt (stock)

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