[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

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Wed Apr 9 01:50:25 EDT 2003

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I'm comin'... =)

I'll address a few different things -

1- 2Bennet's price, it is very fair IMO, what you get is a refreshed 20v
turbo motor with all factory parts, all wiring, integrated as it should be
with the climate control and other systems in the car, AC completely
functioning, and a car that is serviceable by ANY VW/Audi shop in the country
that can service a 20v turbo.  You couldn't pay me $12k to do this in a car,
I'd want a lot more.  If you're a tight wad and think you can do it yourself,
and have plenty of time and patience to do so (ie: your's truly), then skip
this step.  No point in disparaging the service if it ain't for you.  Oh, and
mind you that this is a for-profit business, so the fact that you could get
the parts cheaper, well, makes sense, don't it?

2- 10v vs 20v - This is my cup o' tea, and again, there are considerations.
One is not discretely better or worse than the other, both serve a very good
purpose and function relevant to the criteria of the project.  If you want a
motor that's easy to work on, cheap to replace parts and has a lot of
potential, then the 10v is a great option.  The biggest problem with the 10v
from the factory wasn't the # of valves, it was the extrelemly limited CIS
fuel system, not only limited on fuel capacity, but also flow into the motor.
 By freeing up the airflow into the motor, great gains can be had.  Similar
boost #'s with and w/o CIS can show up to 50% increases with EFI alone.  I'll
get some dyno #'s soon, but I plan on putting down 303-350 hp at the wheels
soon, did 230 last year with only 15psi.

The 20v is a great motor, flows about 30% more than a 10v out of the box, and
can make a ton of power, but parts are expensive and tough to come by.  I'd
estimate a 20v project will cost 3-4 times more than a 10v project all things
considered.  If you've got some money to play with, the 20v is a nice setup,
and the Motronic from the factory can be chipped with great results.  Full
conversions go for about $3k or so.  The Motronic will only take you so far,
and chip tuning above 400hp gets expensive and exclusive with the necessity
of custom burned chips, etc.

I don't have some kind of moral code that prevents a 10v going into a 20v,
considering I'm passing 20v's, 2.7tt's, 4.2 V8's etc in my car at the track
with my measly 10v, I wouldn't get too hung up on details.

As for as you Johhny, doing this turbo conversion, I'd say you need to do a
little more research before jumping in...haven't you sent this email to the
list a few times now over the last 3 years?


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> I am surprised Javad hasn't chimed in, but I believe he would echo your
> sentiment.  He get's plenty o-power with fewer valves.  Infect give him
> the 4k and I think you would be way ahead, with power and your pocket
> book.

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