[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

Johnny . thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 9 04:40:22 EDT 2003

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Yes ive emailed a few time's concerning turbo projects in the past years, But
it all came down to 2 things, experience (which i lack) and money. Well as of
late ive taken out one of the problems (money). Ive run into a great job and
have quite a bit of savings ready to have fun with.so im asking around for
general opinions with those experienced in the matter. As for my decision i am
one to scour the pick and pull yards for my parts, and ive seen PLENTY of
10vT's in those lots but yet to come accross a 20vT motor. Let alone a 20v at
all! So if i decide to go with 2bennett, ide be dropping the $ with the 10vT
conversion. I just have some things to get done before i drop all into the
savings (new tranny + clutch, front CV shafts, 2bennetts coil program, rear
sway bar, and small interior issues). I have enough for the 10vT conversion
right now, but ide like address thos eissues before i get the motor swapped.

Thanks for all the input :)


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