[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Apr 10 14:43:14 EDT 2003

... I am not arguing that a 4kQ is a fun car ... but frankly it really isn't
much more than basic transportation.  My point was simply that pouring
$11.5K into a 16 or 17 year old car seems questionable to me.  If you tried
to sell the car the day you got it back from 2B how much do you think you'd
get for it?  I remember watching a lister trying to sell an *urq* into which
he had dropped a 20vT ... he sold it eventually, but I doubt he got what he
thought he'd get for it.  I know, you're not planning to sell the car, but
to my mind I'd go for more of a budget-minded solution on a 4kQ ... Jeff,
you dropped an MC into your car by yourself ... how much did it set you
back?  I'd bet it was less than half of $11.5K ... is the 2B solution that
much more preferrable?  How difficult was the DIY installation?  Perhaps you
should talk to Johnny and see if you could work something out with him to do
an MC conversion like yours.  Think of all the work you could do to the rest
of the car with $6000 ... and you may want to think about how much money you
will need to be putting into the rest of the car to match the upgrade under
the hood ...

... don't get me wrong, I too would love to see a 20vT in a 4kQ ... and
looking at the difference in the prices between the "Stage 1" (i.e. 10vT)
and "Stage 2" (i.e. 20vT) conversions on the 2B site I'd almost push more
for the Stage 2 myself ... I'm just trying to offer up some thoughts on
alternatives ... and one other that a few folks have mentioned is creating
an ersatz-S2 ... a version that was available in Europe but not the USA ...
dropping a bunch of money into that sort of project might be something you'd
want to investigate too.

... BTW & FYI, I see an entire AAN engine with ECU posted to the audifans
marketplace for $3300 ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
 >  I have to agree with Javad.  I have both a 95 S6 and a
 >  84 4kqt with MC-1 CIS conversion.  The 4kqt is faster
 >  and more nimble.  The S6 will get you there quickly,
 >  in comfort and style.  For fun I will always choose
 >  the 4kqt.  Now if I had an S2.......
 >  Jeff Hemmerlin
 >  95 S6 stock (16 psi.) 230 hp
 >  84 4kqt MC-1, K-26, MC-1 intercooler,  MC-1 CIS, 15"
 >  Borbet wheels, g-60 calipers, eibach springs, boge
 >  struts, 1.8 bar spring, QLCC chip, (13 psi.) 200+ hp
 >  --- JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
 >  > You'll also get almost another 1000lbs and a much
 >  > bigger car...an UrS4 does not replace a turbo
 >  > conversion in a small chassis car, its a completely
 >  > different car and purpose all together.  If you'd
 >  > like to cruise around in an UrS4, go for it, but a
 >  > small chassis (2800lbs or so) car with 300+hp is an
 >  > entirely different experience.
 >  >
 >  > Javad
 >  >
 >  >
 >  > >--
 >  > >[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
 >  > >>Seems to me you can get the whole ur-S4 for
 >  > $11.5K!
 >  > >
 >  > >
 >  > >
 >  > >>Steve Buchholz
 >  > >
 >  > >>San Jose, CA (USA)
 >  > >
 >  > >
 >  > >
 >  > >Steve's last point says it all.   You will also get
 >  > a nice fresh updated
 >  > >interior with nice leather sport seats, and respect
 >  > with the S badge.

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