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Sat Apr 12 14:50:09 EDT 2003

Hi Chris!

Thanks for your note.  I'm one of  those people who does virtually all of my
own work on my cars, so unfortunately I will not be able to provide much in
the way of direct info.  I'll post this reply to the bay area audifans,
perhaps someone there will be able to give you more current information.

There is one place I took my car a few years back ... it was a shop called
Euro Quattro in Mountain View ... with a name like this how could I miss? ;)
... the guy I worked with was named Dvorak, and for me the shop did a good
job for a reasonable price.  I think I've heard other recommendations there
too.  Perhaps the biggest independent name in the south bay for Audi repair
is M&M Audi House in Campbell ...

Hope this helps!
Steve Buchholz

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I hope you don't mind helping out a fellow Quattro driver...

I drive a 2000 A6 Avant and am looking for a mechanic reference in the San
Francisco Bay area, preferably on the Southern Peninsula.  Can you make any
recommendations, or know where I might look to find one?

I really appreciate it.  Thanks!


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