[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Sat Apr 12 20:10:07 EDT 2003

>... I am not arguing that a 4kQ is a fun car ... but frankly it really isn't
>much more than basic transportation.  

Uhh, right Steve...I don't think you get it - this sounds like a conversation I'd have with my 56yr old Dad...

>My point was simply that pouring
>$11.5K into a 16 or 17 year old car seems questionable to me.  If you tried
>to sell the car the day you got it back from 2B how much do you think you'd
>get for it?  I remember watching a lister trying to sell an *urq* into which
>he had dropped a 20vT ... he sold it eventually, but I doubt he got what he
>thought he'd get for it.  I know, you're not planning to sell the car, but
>to my mind I'd go for more of a budget-minded solution on a 4kQ ...

The point isn't to put a bunch of money into a car and sell it, the point is to drive it and enjoy it and get your money back out of it through use.  Anyone who spends $40k on a $4k car and tries to sell it a few months later can either afford to spend and loose money or just isn't thinking (ie: moron).  There isn't one car that I can think of buying and driving (Ive researched it quite expensively), for the money, that would out perform my 80tq for what I USE IT FOR on the track and street.

>Jeff, you dropped an MC into your car by yourself ... how much did it set you
>back?  I'd bet it was less than half of $11.5K ... is the 2B solution that
>much more preferrable?  

Steve, still not getting it, the point isn't a black and white 2B is good or bad, the point is that if you want to DIY, then go for it, you could likely get it done for under $4k.  If you're not a DIY, don't have the time, skill, energy, whatever, go use 2Bennet. They are pretty much the only ones doing it, if you don't want to pay their price, do it yourself or forget the whole idea.  No one is arguing that DIY'ers should go pay 2B cause they're that much better.

I just don't think its right to imply that 2Bennett is overcharging for a service when they meet a need for a certain kind of person looking for a certian kind of thing.  I change my own oil, but does that mean I should think that all Jiffy Lube station's should go to you know where because I don't use them??

>How difficult was the DIY installation?

Its very relevant, but its not easy as you are kindof implying.  For someone like Johhny, it will be very difficult on his own unless he is willing to commit to researching it well.  I have dozens of people a month email me with these kinds of questions, there just aren't any easy answers if you're not prepared to put in the time and energy.  People want me to email them a list of parts and instructions on how to do a conversion - I wouldn't even entertain it, I'm not about to give anyone any illusions about how a swap like this is a step by step, follow the instructions process without a deep understanding of the fundamentals they're undertaking.


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