[ba] 20v turbo conversion?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 13 00:02:10 EDT 2003

Hey, if Johnny decides that the $12K burning a hole in his pocket just has
to go toward a 17 year old car, I say more power to him ... in fact I think
I intimated exactly that myself in my response.  I even said that if someone
did decide to go with 2B it did appear that the 20vT might be the proper
choice given the price difference.  All I'm *trying* to do is to make sure
that he's fully thought through his options, and so I don't understand why
you keep coming back such strong negative reactions.  I know I'd be kicking
myself if I started having problems with the rest of my car shortly after
putting as much into just the engine as the person who bought the car new 17
years before did for the whole car!  I know that Jeff Goggins put a lot of
work into a 4000 when it was a lot newer car and found that stiffening the
suspension up rattled the unibody apart ... and that was with a stock
drivetrain.  Frankly, I think Johnny would be better off switching to the
newer 80/90 baseline ... and I would heartily recommend that he try to find
the best example of whatever car he chose to start with ... hmmm, someone
else I know did exactly that.  So, Javad, why aren't you driving a 4000tq?

I do think I get it.  Read the paragraphs of my post which you cut out of
your reply.  I read back through the posts on this subject, and in Johnny's
original post he was expressing some concern about whether or not it made
sense.  When I said basic transportation, I meant things like cloth interior
... in fact the seats aren't that good at holding you in place.  As I said
before, I think the 4kQ is a GREAT car ... I had a blast with mine in stock
form, and I wouldn't be surprised if another one ended up in the driveway at
some point in the future ...

... over and out ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
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>... I am not arguing that a 4kQ is a fun car ... but frankly it really
>much more than basic transportation.

Uhh, right Steve...I don't think you get it - this sounds like a
conversation I'd have with my 56yr old Dad...

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