[ba] F5DP0R in a 4ksq

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 05:10:10 EDT 2003

Thanx.  You are right about the wire.  Our 4ksq has some cheap Accel wires.
I meant to get some good ones but never did.  I installed them tonight and
they made an improvement.  But, not to say that they were any better then a
new set of the W7DTC plugs.  I have gotten several private response telling
me that there is no reason not to use them.  Everyone that has, highly
recommends them.  So, I think now I am going to order a GOOD set of custom
wires from Kingsborne with  the correct ends on them.

Thank you,

Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

Audis, MBZs & a black sheep BMW.

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> Subject: Re: [ba] F5DP0R in a 4ksq
> ... I think you'd need different spark plug wires for these wouldn't you?
> If you have the factory plugs with the metal shields over the plugs I know
> you would.  Furthermore the F5DPOR plugs have the snap on fitting staked in
> place, while the factory wires have the connector that is meant to slide
> over the threaded end.  All this is easily worked around ... BTDT on the ury
> before I bought a new set of wires ... but that combined with the
> questionable heat range ... I'd recommend selling them to someone with a
> turbo, preferrably someone set up for the F5DPORs ... I think the factory
> used them on the S4s ...
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>> Anyone know if F5DP0R plugs are acceptable in a 4ksq??  A bit colder then
>> the W7 plug that is recommended.  But, I have these plugs laying around
> and
>> they are nearly new.  I don't want to toss 100$ worth of plugs if they
> will
>> work.
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