[ba] 4ksq Suspension Pop

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 05:30:06 EDT 2003

When my wife bought her '84 4ksq about 6 or 7 years ago, it had a pop in the
suspension when you A) turned the wheel hard left OR hard right then B)
drove the car forward OR backward.  I could reproduce the pop as long as I
alternated the direction the wheel was turned and the direction the car was
driven.  Make sense??

At the time, I knew the car needed a new suspension.  But, there was no time
or $$ to fix the suspension.  Since then (about 2 years ago), I have done a
complete front suspension including Delrin subframe and control arm
bushings.  The strut bushings were replaced and the CV joints rebuilt.
Inner and outer.  About the only thing I did not do was the sway bar
bushings and tie rods.  The ball joints were replaced, but right after she
bought the car.  So those are a bit aged.  Even though the suspension was
rebuilt, the pop stayed.  I did not have time to diagnose it as I finished
it about 6 am the day she moved from WA state to the Bay Area.  I barely had
enough time to get it aligned.

Today, I spent about 3 hours trying to figure it out.  I am stumped.  It
sounds just like a subframe pop.  It is coming from the right side and it
seems to be down by the control arm.  I can't see anything move and I can't
duplicate the pop in the garage.  I am stumped.  I checked all the bolts for
correct torque.

Anyone have ANY clues at all??  It is getting worse, so I have to figure
this out.  I have yet to pay someone to fix a car of mine.  I don't want to
start now.

Thanx for any help.

Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

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