[ba] North American Urquattro Preservation Celebration - Marin event 4/27

R. W. Zehr rzehr at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 17 15:01:44 EDT 2003

Here's the rough plan for Sunday the 27th - depart from the North end of
Sausalito - a  parking lot right at a freeway exit off 101 - around 8:15.
We wind up in Stinson Beach around 9:15, and back up to the top of Mt. Tam
from there. I've been having fun fore-running the roads these past couple
of weeks and laying out a route, but haven't measured mileage or timed the
loop yet. It will be a LOT of hairpins, with views ranging from Way Down To
the Ocean, from about 3000 ft. elevation, to Right Next To the Ocean at 6
ft. Mostly narrow two-lane with no traffic (I hope), few stretches over
50mph, and lots of redwoods. These roads are made for quattros.

I expect to get back down to the Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley, 1/4 mile from
where we started, in time for brunch by maybe 10:30. With food involved,
done by noon, at a guess.

Looks like we'll have as many as ten urq's if everyone were to show up -
should be a fun morning. I'll get more detail, and a map, out next week.

Rick Zehr

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