[ba] Northern California Kickoff Event for the 2003 Urquattro Preservation Celebration - April 27th - directions

R. W. Zehr rzehr at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 20 14:41:31 EDT 2003

Get ready for a non-competitive coastal mountain outing in Marin county,
just north of San Francisco. We'll be driving 35-40 miles of rural coastal
roads just made for the urq - about an hour and a half of almost continuous
hairpins. Second gear will get a workout...

We will meet at 8:15AM Sunday, April 27th, about four miles north of the
Golden Gate Bridge. Departure at 8:30AM or sooner, if everyone arrives on time.

- If you are heading North on 101 from GG Bridge, exit at the "Mill
Valley/Stinson Beach" exit from 101 - 100 yards before the Richardson Bay
bridge. At the exit, immediately look for a large beige building on your
right, at 100 Shoreline. If you go over or under the bridge, you've gone
too far. We'll assemble in the parking lot of the 100 Shoreline building.

- If you are coming South on 101, cross the Richardson Bay bridge, go 1/2
mile to the "Marin City/Sausalito" exit before the big hill starts. Stay in
the left lane to go under the freeway, and turn Left (N on 101) at the
light. It's a half-mile to the "Mill Valley/Stinson Beach" exit. We'll
assemble at the large beige building on your immediate right - 100
Shoreline. If you go over or under the bridge while headed north, you've
gone too far.

We'll depart in masse for Stinson Beach, go North on Hwy. 1 only briefly,
and then return via part-time water conservation district roads. If traffic
permits, I hope to be able to stop on the ridge road overlooking the
Pacific for spectacular group pix. (I'm not being more specific about the
route to allow for options for traffic avoidance, if necessary.)

After coming back down the mountain one way or another, we'll brunch at the
Dipsea Cafe (200 Shoreline) at about 10:00 - separate checks, please.

So bring your Urquattro, pump up those tires and join the rest of us on
April 27th to celebrate the joy of driving one of the most enjoyable cars
ever put on the road.

Please send an email to rzehr at pacbell.net if you plan to attend and haven't
already done so. A map is available at

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