[ba] replacing subframe bushings

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I have done that subframe several times.  Very easy to remove.  If you
decide to do it yourself, be sure to FREEZE the new bushings before you
press them in.  They will go in much easier.  Replace the hardware.  Tighten
everything when  it is sitting on the ground.  I don't remember what I paid
for the bushings, but if memory serves me right, it was around $100 for the
set of bushings.  My guess is that since the car is an 82, the bushings are
more then ready for a change.  You will be amazed how much better everything
feels.  One cause of the rattle could be worn out bushings.  But, usually
they make a popping sound.  And yes, do the control arms too.  If you are so
inclined, Blau has Delrin for about 90$.  I love them.  Would never go back
to rubber.



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> On Sunday, August 17, 2003, at 12:44 PM, quattro + 5 or 8 = fun wrote:
>> What car
>> Shane
> what?? you guys aren't taking notes?? and remembering what car I have??
> ;-).
> Sorry, shoulda thought before I posted.
> Anyway, it's an 82 Coupe. I just had  the steering replaced and
> Bilsteins installed so as far as I know everything *except* the
> bushings were done. There are new rubber boots on the A arm bolts for
> instance. The shop is encouraging me to do the bushings as they say
> they are shot but with the big improvement from the upgrades it's
> handling pretty good to me.
> They have "dropped down" (their term) the subframe once in looking for
> a rattle so I don't think anything is frozen up.
> Thanks for any tips.
> M./
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