[ba] Help -- lost my wrench

superba1st superba1st at comcast.net
Tue Aug 19 14:02:07 EDT 2003

Hi All,

Some of you might recognize my name, for I've been off and on the quattro
list for years.  I  just sub'd to the ba group because that's where I am,
Fremont, at present.  I've been all over Northern California in the past.

Okay, to my questions.

(1) Does anyone know where Greg Lingafelter went after M&M AudiHouse,
Campbell, was sold?

(2) Any recommendations for a replacement wrench as close to Fremont as

Javad once knew I have an 81 Audi Turbo with 330K miles.  Still ticking.
Can't really explain why I still have it when someone asks.  I approached
upgrading about 50 times but never found the right motivation.

My work needs are simple like oil & filter, tranny, tunes, sometimes.
Timing belt was replaced not too many miles ago.  It would be fun to
refurbish this car if I had the resources.

Thanks in advance.


Jim Jordan

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