[ba] need advice - interested in 2000 A6 2.7T

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 11:29:58 EST 2003

I have a 2000 S4 which has that engine.  My 
experience has been mixed- it is a wonderful car and
motor, a joy to drive, perhaps the best put together
car I've been in.  But I've had a few warranty service
issues- failed water pump at 30K, failed MAF at 45K,
and a few more minor issues.  Now, the water pump is
again making noises.  Due for 60K timing belt service
anyhow (any leads on south bay shops for this work?
It's ski season, I need the car and don't have the
time to do it myself).
I've replaced the BPVs and in the process noticed
some badly degraded vacuum lines, which I replaced
myself.  The headlight washer pump exploded so after 
replacement under warranty I disconnected it to avoid 
a repeat.  What else...
My advice- buy one that has never been chipped or
modded, and has been regularly maintained, preferably
by a dealer.  Get familiar with the motor and the
things that need monitoring (pressure leaks, timing
belt 60K replacement, hydraulic leaks,etc. etc.).  It 
is not really much different than older I5 turbo 
motors from that standpoint.  Ti's link for the 
biturbo list is good, also spend some time browsing 
audiworld.  With some careful shopping and attentive 
ownership, it can be a great car.
Oh, BTW I have felt no need to do any mods to my S4,
I think the stock power is just great as-is.  The A6
is a bit heavier though, and I agree with Ti that
a properly driven chipped car can be quite reliable.
-Matt Rooke
--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> robert weinberg writes:
> > [ A6 2.7T ]
> > what are the right mods for these cars? i know the
> > turbos are a bit small for adding more boost AND
> that
> > you have to take out the engine to replace them.
> so,
> > how much power would be gained by just intake and
> > better flowing turbo back exhaust?
> Probably not a *whole* lot without also an ECU
> software mod.  But then
> I am just guessing.  Most people who do mods on
> 2.7Ts start with
> the ECU first and then go from there, because that
> gives you the
> most power increase for the money.  As you noted
> correctly, the K03s
> do have their limits and "chipping" takes away the
> safety reserves
> built in from the factory.  However, the various
> vendors' chips vary
> in how hard they push things and if you're not
> abusing the car (and observe
> proper warm-up and cool-down procedures), then
> chances are chipping alone
> could be perfectly good way to go if you're not
> looking to spend a lot
> of money.
> I don't know how many people on the "ba-group" list
> have 2.7T cars,
> but you might try subscribing to the "biturbos4"
> list also hosted on
> audifans.com.  There are some A6 2.7T people lurking
> on there, and
> of course the S4 biturbo has the same engine too.
> 	http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/biturbos4
> -Ti
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> 2001 S4 biturbo 6-sp
> 1984 5000S turbo
> 1980 4000 2.0 5-sp
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