[ba] High Idle/Tranny Trouble? with my 4000CS Automatic

Daniel Reid DReid at ariba.com
Sat Feb 8 19:10:14 EST 2003

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  Here's the story.  I had (until about 2 weeks ago) a 1986 Audi 4000CS
Automatic.  I bought it as a run around, and drove it for 6 months or so (I
love Rabbits and 4000's) and then I found a GTI I wanted, so I sort of
wasn't driving the car any more.  I have a friend in San Diego, who needed a
reliable car, so I told her I would sell/give her the Audi.  I didn;t get
much for it, despite the fact that I just put new exhaust, Alternator, CV's,
Ball joints, and wheel bearings in it, and every single thing works on the
car!  It is in VERY nice shape, and runs well.  So I dropped it off in San
Diego and she thought it was great.  That is, until yesterday.

She called and said three things:

1.) The car won't pass smog (it passed in NoCal EASILY, and I didn;t do
anything to it).  She says the guy at them smog place said it was idling too
high and he wouldn't even do the test, because he said it wouldn't pass
2.) She says the car seems to rev a lot.
3.) She said the transmission "acts strange"

Jesus.  Why do I sell cars to friends?  Anyway.  First of all, If I were
there, I would just go drive the car, and either tell her she is full of
shit, or fix what is wrong.  However, I am not flying down to San Diego to
work on a car I don't care about.  So my question to you guys is:

What could cause a high idle, and thus strange tranny behavior?  I made her
go check the tranny fluid, and she says it is good. Would the idle
stabilizer cause this?  One of those ignorant 4000 relays?  Any advice?  I
told her to pick a good shop in San Diego, and take it in and have them call
me.  But I would like to get your advice.  Also, do you know any good (not
rip-off) Audi mechs in the Downtown SD area?


Dan ( DReid at ariba.com <mailto:DReid at ariba.com> )

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