[ba] 4kQ Tranny troubles

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Tue Feb 18 12:39:26 EST 2003

... it does sound like you need a clutch ... but before getting too caught
up in a new tranny make sure the shift linkage hasn't come loose somewhere.
There are several places where a problem can develop ... where the linkage
attaches to the shift rod is the primary area to look.  The ball of the ball
and socket joint can get loose, and there are several plastic parts which
deteriorate ...

The tranny in the 4kQ isn't that much different from that in a TQ, so with
the reduced horsepower IME the trannys on 4kq's are virtually indestructible
... unless perhpas you are low on lube.  Even with that they are pretty
robust ... I bought an '85 4kQ with over 200K miles ... when I drained the
tranny and refilled with Redline it poured out from the front drive seals
... who knows how long the car was run this way before I bought it.  I
changed the seals and topped it up ... the car is still running fine a few
years later ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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 >  Ok here goes it, 86 4000CS Quat, was driving awhile back
 >  and my clutch
 >  sometimes will slip (usually if its heated up) like u put t
 >  into fifth and
 >  if you floor it the clutch spins not the gear, soo anyways
 >  a little furth on
 >  down the road (maybe a month later) i go to put it into
 >  third and it goes
 >  into third then pops out of gear, then go to put it into
 >  4th and its simply
 >  not there. Now i have 1st 2nd and 5th, 3rd grinds if u try
 >  to go in, 4th
 >  isnt there at all, but earlier today 3rd and 4th worked no
 >  problem for 2 or
 >  3 shift... soo... this has me stumped. I was bent on me
 >  needing a new
 >  transmission but could all of this be caused simply by a
 >  bad clutch? The
 >  clutch also makes a scratching type noise when engaged or
 >  not, when in gear
 >  the noise is alot louder. Would i be safer getting a new
 >  tranny + clutch kit
 >  for the car, or would a clutch solve the problem.
 >  -Johnny
 >  86 4kQ (gutted, weighed in at 2504 lbs w/ 1/4 tank gas wooo)
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