[ba] orange light on 4kQ

Brian Devlin nilvednairb at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 21 17:03:13 EST 2003

That's the fault indicator light, but I'm not sure
what things can trigger it on a 4k. In general, bad
things make it come on (duh). Next time it happens,
read your codes. I can look up the codes for NF (CIS-E
III) and MC (CIS) motors when you get them.

>On startup of my 4kQ , inside the warning panel (like
>the voltage light,
>coolant light, just below the stock shift light) the
>upper left hand box
>lights up in orange with something that looks like a
>motor with a electronic
>bolt on the side, i checked my audi manual and it
says >it is a free box...
>anyone know what this represents? It turns off after
>about 5 seconds from

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