[ba] orange light on 4kQ

Brian Devlin nilvednairb at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 21 18:41:08 EST 2003

So the 4kq's kept getting the JT engine? I thought
they got knock sensors after 85.

Hey Johnny- go read the engine code and ECU label for
us. And the part number on the distributor. Then we'll
know whether you've got some kind of Frankestein motor
in there. And does the fuel pump relay have a slot in
the top?

Ti wrote:

>Yeah, except that the 4KQ doesn't have CIS-EIII.  It
>has plain old CIS-E.
>There is no code to dump because the ignition and
fuel >system ECUs don't
>have such capability.  In fact, the 4KQ isn't
supposed >to have such a warning
>light at all.  Now, the 4-cylinder 4KS from 85-87 has
>a digital knock
>sensing ignition system and there is such a light
that >illuminates
>when the knock sensor detects pinging.  The 4KQ
>doesn't have knock sensors.
>Are you the original owner?  Perhaps someone has
>swapped instrument
>clusters from that of a 4KS, or parts of the
>instrument cluster?
>If such is the case, what that light is showing is
>perhaps really
>another function, because the wiring is different
>between the 4-cylinder
>and 5-cylinder cars.  Seat belt reminder?

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