[ba] orange light adventures + 5kTQ Avant

Johnny . thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 22 17:55:48 EST 2003

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Well im not the original owner so i do believe the intrument cluster can be
from a 4ks, i checked my buddys 4kQ nothing is even there, but the light is
only now starting to come on after i gutted the car which is why i worried. I
havent touched anything under hood soo i dont think its anything TOO serious
but you never know.. the engine is a 2.23L mc1 n/a 10valve. no knock sensor,
has stock fuel pump (i replaced it about 3 months ago) uhm.. if it was a seat
belt sensor (althou i never thought of that) i woulda thought it would come on
everytime i start the car not just recently.

Also looking into an 87 5k turbo quat avant 5 speed. Anyone have any insight
about these cars? (i.e. like a buyers guide) the seller says no rust, no
problems, was a daily driver, im just not too educated on the 5k models
especially an avant so im unsure what to look for w/ a turbo motor.

Orange Glowing 4kQ
maybe a 5kTQ Avant *drools*

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