[ba] MY "Stolen" car: VIN Numbers under hood and dash don't match

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Feb 26 16:13:31 EST 2003

Shayne writes:
> 5 days ago, I pushed my 90tq project out on the street to make more room in
> the garage.  One of my "kind" neighbors reported a car dumped.  Even though
> I move the car every other day or so.  So as I leave to go to the gym last
> night, the cops are there with a tow rig hooking up my car.  I tried my
> hardest to get them to leave it.  But NO, they "claim" the car has undergone
> a "chop" job and has two different VIN numbers.  EVERY Audi I have ever seen
> as a different number under the hood then it does for a VIN.  These guys
> were plain ass holes and basically told me to get out of the way or they
> were going to arrest me and drag the car down the street.  I ask for him to
> show proof of the fact that they can tow for a "mismatched" VIN numbers.  He
> showed me a Cal. Veh. Code that basically says I can't "knowingly" purchase
> a car that has altered VIN numbers.  NO WHERE in the code did it give them
> the right to tow the car.  Anyway, now I am faced with bailing the car out
> of "jail" and dealing with Oakland's finest.  So, to get to my point:  any
> of you know where I can find proof that shows the "VIN" under the hood is
> not a VIN at all???

Man that really blows my fuse!  It's unbelievable.  I might start with
getting a letter from Audi (maybe a local dealer would do) that says
the "VIN number" under the hood with the ZZZ is ok as long as the rest
of the digits match.  Then inquire with your local DMV and the police
to see what recourse there is.

Perhaps a call to a local TV or radio station is in order...

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