[ba] Dan is a Funny man!

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 27 15:10:12 EST 2003

With Dan's permission, I thought I would pass along a conversation we had.
I got a laugh out of it.  I think he did too!

Dan says:

Shayne,  they are treating you like you drive an SUV.  Ohh that’s right
you live in Berkley.  Well there is your problem right there.  If your
car was electric or a bicycle, I think you wouldn't have a problem.  Did
you get the name of the cop? Does it match the last name of any of your
I would start with your neighbors,  they are the ones you need to start
with.. a dark ski mask and baseball bat work wonders for me ( at least
in my mind !! )

Good luck..

I say:

LOL, funny u say this.  I actually thought about that as there are a couple
of have been nothing but rude to me and my wife.  Why??  I have NO idea at
all.  From what other neighbors say, they are just that way.  Anyway, the
people who reported it happened by while my wife was out talking to the
cops.  I was pulling the registration at the time.  She said they talked to
the cops.  I guess, they had no idea it was owned by someone in our condo
unit.  But, logic would say, that if it was moved twice in 5 days, IT
BELONGS TO SOMEONE!  Sheesh.  BTW, the rude neighbors are electric bike
FREAKS!!  No kidding!  He tried to build is own, but it failed so he bought
an ebike.

Oh, I have a ski mask, but can I borrow a bat??  Mine is still in WA state.

Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

FOR SALE:  1988 BMW 528e $3700
PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

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