[ba] Junkyard curiosities

Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Sat Jan 11 20:31:04 EST 2003

I went to the North San Jose Pick-N-Pull today, on Commercial St near
101 and 880. It had been a while... boy is it fun walking around the
yard! There were about five 5k's, up to '87s, and no other Audis.

There's an '85 5kt that has 5k/100 H4 Bosch euro lights. The left one is
  in very good shape. The right one, unfortunately, has been
disassembled; only the reflector (good), lens, and gasket remain (no
enclosure). Just thought I'd mention it--I've already got a set myself
from the same yard.

That same car had some curious features. Its instrument cluster had the
metric markings on temp and fuel, plus a French "sans plomb" warning,
but the speedo was MPH. Were the Canadian cars this way?

Also, the throttle position switch was replaced with two, generic
lever-arm switches on a plate. The whole assembly looked _almost_ mass

Also, the throttle didn't have a cable directly attached to it, like the
MC. Instead, it had a long link, connected to a right-angle pivot
mounted on that ground plate at the back of the intake manifold (got to
start bringing the digital camera). Nothing was attached to the ball
joint on the other end of this right-angle pivot. Is that how the KH was

Finally, the windshield washer bottle had two compartments: a main one
plus a smaller one for concentrated fluid. Labelled as an Audi part.
What's going on here?

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 196k

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