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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Jan 11 20:40:19 EST 2003

Wallace White writes:
> There's an '85 5kt
> ...
> That same car had some curious features. Its instrument cluster had the
> metric markings on temp and fuel, plus a French "sans plomb" warning,
> but the speedo was MPH. Were the Canadian cars this way?

Yes, Canadian cars have temp and fuel gauges with legends.  They're
supposed to also have KM/h speedos, perhaps the speedo had been replaced
with a US-spec unit.

> Also, the throttle position switch was replaced with two, generic
> lever-arm switches on a plate. The whole assembly looked _almost_ mass
> produced...

This is how the KH engine throttle switches are.  The MC engines have
the more "integrated" switch.

> Also, the throttle didn't have a cable directly attached to it, like the
> MC. Instead, it had a long link, connected to a right-angle pivot
> mounted on that ground plate at the back of the intake manifold (got to
> start bringing the digital camera). Nothing was attached to the ball
> joint on the other end of this right-angle pivot. Is that how the KH was
> done?


> Finally, the windshield washer bottle had two compartments: a main one
> plus a smaller one for concentrated fluid. Labelled as an Audi part.
> What's going on here?

Don't know about that one.  Perhaps it's an optional feature (heavy duty
winter package?)

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