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Mon Jul 14 21:31:43 EDT 2003

The 3rd year of dragracing for 80tq at Dubwars has come and gone, and finally we're getting somewhere.  Not only did I beat my time from last year a full 1.2 seconds, it was enough to out accelerate every other car there, see, told you guys I'd represent! (and now I've got this like 3' tall gold trophy I have no idea where I'm gonna put).

Temp: indicated about 90-95F on an S4tt temp gauge, but there was a breeze that made it feel like 90ish. There were fewer cars this year so there wasn't much waiting in the staging lanes, but the cool down is only about 2-3 minutes by the time your'e back at the starting line (if you wanted to), so the car stays pretty warm the whole time). Last year's fastest time was a 13.5 by a modded S4tt.

Boost: 15-17psi

Fuel: 1/4 tank 91, 1/4 tank 100 octane

ET: 13.23

MPH: 103.3

Some other cars that ran for reference:

-S4tt running APR 100 octane chip: 13.38

-Corrado VR6 with Nitrous: 14.1

-Bunch of modded1.8t's in the 14's and 15's

Well, after 3 years in a row of developing the car and pushing it in the 1/4 mile, finally I'm getting some results I can be proud of! For comparison from the factory: RS2-13.5, RS4- 13.5, RS6- 14.1, E46M3- 13.4. Recently Car and Driver punished a WRX STI to a 13.2 and the Lancer to a 13.6. A13.2 puts 80tq in a class of some of the fastest cars every produced from an OEM. Granted, in the world of dragracing a 13.2 is nothing special, but to build a 130hp 4-door sedan to such a level is something I'm quite proud of and very satisfied with. This also equates to about a 4.5 second 0-60.

My first run of the day felt really good, I launched pretty aggresively, a 3500rpm start to full throttle while slipping the clutch and keeping rpm's right around 5500. As soon as the clutch was fully engaged it would basically be a shift to second. I also experimented with some more aggresive side-stepping of the clutch which resulted in 4-wheel-spin, but once the tires would hook up the motor would bog. Stock Audi 80 tranny held up fine, and I think I've really been under-estimating this 7A 20v clutch, I think I can honestly say that it held up to the pounding marvelously and never slipped. By far the fastest 60-foot times were by using the clutch slippage technique, man, what a rush to be in a car doing a 1.8 second 60 foot time! So, when I came in after my first run with a 13.3 at 101mph, i knew I was going to have some fun!

Intake air temps with the new Stage II IC were excellent, I believe I was getting maybe 1 or 2 degrees C of heat in the intake charge by the end of the quarter mile, can't expect much better than that. I started the morning with 15psi and the fastest run was on 17psi, I'm having some boost stability problems above 17psi, I'll be controlling boost with the 034efi Stage II box soon in which I'll be able to play with overboost strategies, etc, giving a lot more accuracy and flexibility over the little TurboXS valve I'm using now (which sometimes stays shut and causes a "Happersized" 30psi boost spike).

Aside from the bigger IC, the one thing I attribute most about doing 1.2 seconds faster on the same boost as last year is the 034EFI Stage II system. Having full control of timing is a massive improvement over trying to control a factory Audi ignition system, I was able to continue to push my timing advance to its max between runs, and never was I fighting some "limp-home" mode or otherwise, the car is absolutely transformed and completely tuneable down to .001 milliseconds of timing or injection.

I believe that I'm right at the 12's, a couple more psi and a cooler night at Sears Point should do the trick, stay posted for more drag racing in the near future =) Those of you who think you need a 20v and motronic to make a fast car should take note - to get to the 12's you can use a stock 10v long block, implement good flowing intake and exhaust trackts, and run it all accurately with a tuneable management system, see how easy it is? =)

It was great seeing Ed Armstrong (also representing in his 90 turbo quattro), Richard H., Mike Gough, Jason Lyons, Chris Darringer and others at the track, hope to see you guys out there next year.

See below for more info and pics:


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