[ba] Bushings, sway bar from 4000 quattro sedan, more

Michael Heth audion at serversmiths.com
Fri Jul 25 02:10:30 EDT 2003

I hope this isn't  a double post, I sent it from the wrong account and never
saw it come through the list.

Say Folks,

I'm going to have the front end bushings replaced on my 82 coupe and wanted
to ask the list for any advice on that end. I know that delrin will lock
everything together solid but I'm not looking for that I just want a supple,
smooth, tight ride. Is there any choice in the matter besides stock and

I'm also keen to find the front sway bar from the 4000 Quattro to replace
the stock unit on my car as it's supposed to be a direct replacement just
beefier. So, if anyone knows of a BA source (that you *know* has one), I'd
appreciate a pointer.

I *also* looking for the metal 90 degree trim piece from the right rear
bumper on the 82-84 4000 body. On that bumper there is the long middle strip
and on each end a separate piece curves around to finish off the look. I
need the one that is on the right as you look at the rear of the car. This
is holding up the painting of the bumpers so any tips/pointers are very much
appreciated. Since I'm going to paint it black with that Wurth stuff it
doesn't have to look nice.

BTW, I had posted over a year ago about shocks and we'd hashed it out on the
list and the advice was to stay away from the Bilsteins if I wanted to
retain a comfy ride. When I had the shocks replaced the shop strongly
recommended Bilsteins and rather than argue I went along with it. They were
very stiff when new and didn't seem to be loosening up so I thought I'd
blown it. But when the hot weather came, all that changed. They got nice and
supple and I'm happy as a clam. They couldn't find Bilsteins for the rear
and used KYB and they are also working out excellent.

Thanks for tips/pointers.

Michael Heth

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