[ba] Bushings, sway bar from 4000 quattro sedan, more

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Jul 25 02:50:28 EDT 2003

Michael Heth writes:
> I'm going to have the front end bushings replaced on my 82 coupe and wanted
> to ask the list for any advice on that end. I know that delrin will lock
> everything together solid but I'm not looking for that I just want a supple,
> smooth, tight ride. Is there any choice in the matter besides stock and
> delrin?

Perhaps for your requirements, a fresh set of stock bushings would suffice.

> I'm also keen to find the front sway bar from the 4000 Quattro to replace
> the stock unit on my car as it's supposed to be a direct replacement just
> beefier. So, if anyone knows of a BA source (that you *know* has one), I'd
> appreciate a pointer.

An '82 coupe has the earlier (non-linkrod) style of front sway bar,
which means that the 4000 quattro car will not be a drop-in fit.
You should use the early UrQ bar instead (for those urQs witout
the linkrods at the end of the bars too).  I don't know of a source
other than the dealer, unfortunately.  And let's hope it's not NLA.

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