[ba] Bushings, sway bar from 4000 quattro sedan, more

Wyatt's Dad's Audi audion at serversmiths.com
Sat Jul 26 01:30:25 EDT 2003

> An '82 coupe has the earlier (non-linkrod) style of front sway bar,
> which means that the 4000 quattro car will not be a drop-in fit.
> You should use the early UrQ bar instead (for those urQs witout
> the linkrods at the end of the bars too).  I don't know of a source
> other than the dealer, unfortunately.  And let's hope it's not NLA.

Thanks, I got confused between 2 sites and the one that said it was a
drop in was talking about a 1986 car.

But here's another question.

I have found a (used I'm assuming) Jamex shock tower brace and am
wondering; am I just kidding myself that it is worth the
time/trouble/money to install this unit? All the sites which I have
read where people comment on the brace mention that it helps a lot on
the 82 era bodies. But a friend of mine who worked amateur rally teams
in Europe says that I will not perceive a difference on the street. I
ride motorcycles and on one I can adjust the suspension using a vernier
system and can clearly feel the difference between 6 thou clearance and
10 thou so I think I'll feel it but I don't know if it will be a full
day and $200 worth of difference I'll be feeling.

any feedback is appreciated.


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