[ba] Bushings, sway bar from 4000 quattro sedan, more

Wyatt's Dad's Audi audion at serversmiths.com
Sat Jul 26 15:00:59 EDT 2003

On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 09:53 PM, Ti Kan wrote:

> I think a shock tower brace is *very* beneficial on the type 81/85
> chassis (1980-87 4K/coupe series).
> Aside from Jamex, another solution is the factory brace from a 90-91
> Coupe Quattro.  See Huw Powell's site for info:
> 	http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/

Yes, I called on all the parts listed and they seem to be available but
have gone up about 25-30% from the prices listed on Huw's site which
takes it over into the $120 range so I thought the bolt up used $150
Jamex was a good way to go.

> Yet another solution is to have one custom made.  A good welder should
> be able to fab one of good quality.  I went this route on my 4000, and
> had it power coated.

But since I was going to have a buddy weld up the studs for mounting I
might talk to him into fabbing up a unit from scratch and give him the

Thanks for the feedback.


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