[ba] Front sway bar from 4000 quattro sedan

Michael Heth totb at serversmiths.com
Mon Jul 28 16:56:41 EDT 2003

Say Folks,

I'm going to have the front end bushings replaced on my 82 coupe and
wanted to ask the list for any advice on that end. I know that delrin
will lock everything together solid but I'm not looking for that I just
want a supple, smooth, tight ride.

I'm also keen to find the front sway bar from the 4000 to replace the
stock unit on my car as it's supposed to be a direct replacement just
beefier. So, if anyone knows of a BA source (that you *know* has one),
I'd appreciate a pointer.

BTW, I had posted over a year ago about shocks and we'd hashed it out
on the list and the advice was to stay away from the Bilsteins if I
wanted to retain a comfy ride. When I had the shocks replaced the shop
strongly recommended Bilsteins and rather than argue I went along with
it. They were very stiff when new and didn't seem to be loosening up so
I thought I'd blown it. But when the hot weather came, all that
changed. They got nice and supple and I'm happy as a clam. They
couldn't find Bilsteins for the rear and used KYB and they are also
working out excellent.

Thanks for tips/pointers.

Michael Heth

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