[ba] Dubwars, Come On Audifanners, Round Up Thy Steed!

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Tue Jun 17 02:40:12 EDT 2003

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Ok guys, ever since this whole "rice-rocket", neon valve-cap, fake
intercooler NA front bumper mount air filter craze, us hard core, German Engineered,
uber-touring purists have done a crummy job of "reprezentin", and even worse, the
ranks of the V-tech-adhesive-sticker-wearin' crowd are infiltrating our own
Volkswagen bretheren!!

[enter your chance to redeem ourselves..damit!!]

Yes, that's right, we have an opportunity to strike at the heart of this
infiltration, and re-seed our population with the pure pentosin strain.

Dubwars 2003 is upon us, and not a second to soon.  See <A HREF="www.dubwars.com">www.dubwars.com</A>  This
is our chance to be strong and unified, we need to be the best Vor-Sprunger's
we can for the sake of our lost sheep.  Please show up with your Bavarian
Iron Blazing, we're talking stock pain jobs, aluminum/silver wheels (or painted
black is ok), mods that actually make performance (Billotti's red-suede,
seduce-me interior excepted), we need drag racers, autoX'ers, and track drivers.  I
think we ought to stay out of the "burn-out contest" just for principal's

So, what ye say?  Lift your Beck's in unison, who will stand up for what is
right??!!  This will be my 3rd annum and I just can't do it alone any more,
who's with me??!

Javad Shadzi
80tq (will be wearing blue "facial" paint accents around the windshield for
the drag racing event)

Official "Show" Info: DUBWARS for 2003 is in full swing! The VW/Audi event
that motorists now look forward to year after year is slated for
July 12th and 13th! On the evening of July 12th we will
be featuring our very own Pre-Party and our sig-
nature event on July 13th. This year we will have
1/4 mile Drags, Auto-X, Burnouts, Road Racing, Sound Off, Car Show and a
Special United States Premier!
Mark your calendars now, schedule your vacation and save your cash for the
Best VW/Audi Show & Race
in the land! The venue is at the ever popular Buttonwillow Raceway Park in
Buttonwillow, CA.

With that said, we believe that DUBWARS started a new trend of VW/Audi
here on the west coast. We are giving the show enthusiast the opportunity to
and the race enthusiast the opportunity to show, so no more excuses!

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