[ba] Re: Dubwars, Come On Audifanners, Round Up Thy Steed!

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Tue Jun 17 13:44:03 EDT 2003

Brothers, we need to stick together!  In unison we will trounce the adhesive-backed-hood-pin-wearin 1.8t's, but only together!

Plus...I hate trash talking because God knows these damn cars can be about as reliable as the stock market in a one-week-window.

But alas, 80tq is running so good, and the 034efi is so smooth, and the new Stage II IC is so cool, hell, I think I see a NASDAQ rally coming on!!  ;)


>I know of 3 of us in WA who are commandeering a larger and also non-broken
>Audi (there are 3 broken Audis at this house right now!!) just to attend the
>Dubwars event.
>Rumor has it there is going to be a "smackdown" between Mr Javad Shadzi (of
>www.80tq.com and www.034efi.com fame) and Mr. Mike Gough (of the 10vt
>Quantum Syncro Wagon persuasion).
>A true smackdown of 034 vs megasquirt as well as KKK vs Garrett.  Will the
>K26/27 outperform Javad's T3/T04???  I want to be there when we find out!
>1990 CQ 221k (recent accident)
>1970 100LS 2-dr 46k (restoration nearing completion but I don't want to take
>it 2000 miles for dubwars!)
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>> Ok guys, ever since this whole "rice-rocket", neon valve-cap, fake
>> intercooler NA front bumper mount air filter craze, us hard core, German
>> uber-touring purists have done a crummy job of "reprezentin", and even
>worse, the
>> ranks of the V-tech-adhesive-sticker-wearin' crowd are infiltrating our
>> Volkswagen bretheren!!
>> [enter your chance to redeem ourselves..damit!!]
>> Yes, that's right, we have an opportunity to strike at the heart of this
>> infiltration, and re-seed our population with the pure pentosin strain.
>> Dubwars 2003 is upon us, and not a second to soon.  See <A
>HREF="www.dubwars.com">www.dubwars.com</A>  This
>> is our chance to be strong and unified, we need to be the best
>> we can for the sake of our lost sheep.  Please show up with your Bavarian
>> Iron Blazing, we're talking stock pain jobs, aluminum/silver wheels (or
>> black is ok), mods that actually make performance (Billotti's red-suede,
>> seduce-me interior excepted), we need drag racers, autoX'ers, and track
>drivers.  I
>> think we ought to stay out of the "burn-out contest" just for principal's
>> sake.
>> So, what ye say?  Lift your Beck's in unison, who will stand up for what
>> right??!!  This will be my 3rd annum and I just can't do it alone any
>> who's with me??!
>> Javad Shadzi
>> 80tq.com
>> 80tq (will be wearing blue "facial" paint accents around the windshield
>> the drag racing event)
>> Official "Show" Info: DUBWARS for 2003 is in full swing! The VW/Audi event
>> that motorists now look forward to year after year is slated for
>> July 12th and 13th! On the evening of July 12th we will
>> be featuring our very own Pre-Party and our sig-
>> nature event on July 13th. This year we will have
>> 1/4 mile Drags, Auto-X, Burnouts, Road Racing, Sound Off, Car Show and a
>> Special United States Premier!
>> Mark your calendars now, schedule your vacation and save your cash for the
>> Best VW/Audi Show & Race
>> in the land! The venue is at the ever popular Buttonwillow Raceway Park in
>> Buttonwillow, CA.
>> With that said, we believe that DUBWARS started a new trend of VW/Audi
>> show-n-go
>> here on the west coast. We are giving the show enthusiast the opportunity
>> race,
>> and the race enthusiast the opportunity to show, so no more excuses!

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