[ba] Re: Get Together Soon??

Michael S. Williams mike at borderlinemotorsports.com
Wed Jun 18 02:00:21 EDT 2003

At 6:57 PM -0400 6/17/03, JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
>Ya, it was nice, no one from the list though (aside from Matt Rooke
>stopping by for a few), guess 1 hour of notice isn't enough??! ;)
>I'm up for whenever, later this week or even next week, lemme know.

i'd be up for whenever, but i might be employed as of tomorrow
(FINALLY!!), so i dunno if i'd be able to make it during the day or
normal weekday if so...

and until i figure out that damn vibration on the urq, i aint driving
it anywhere on the freeway...

The solution is obvious.  We all have to become dumber. -Jon Rappoport

So crucify the ego, before it's far too late
To leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical,
And you will come to find that we are all one mind
Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable. - TooL, Reflection

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