[ba] audi fox parts

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Tue Mar 4 19:00:09 EST 2003

... is it a 2-door or a 4-door model?  I'm getting pretty close to just
getting rid of my '78 Fox GTI ... Tom Nas was supposed to come over here to
drive it home, but I don't know if that is ever going to happen ...

I don't know it for a fact, but I would strongly suspect that the VW part
will fit ...

Steve Buchholz
 >  My bud has a 79 audi fox, and was crunched by a ford
 >  explorer. His driver
 >  side door got crunched and the quarter panel right were the
 >  two meet, It's
 >  not TOO bad but im wondering if anyone know's where to pick
 >  up a 79 audi fox
 >  door, or if the VW fox door's are interchangeable? Also,
 >  any good body
 >  shop's to work on the right rear quarter panel? (it's a coupe).

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