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I think something like this would be perfect.  Its not all that much
smaller than the older A6 ( I have one ) and this guy has bumped his up
to 220 HP with just a chip.  I have another friend in FL who has his
1.8T up to 300HP.
Not much you can do to an engine that is NOT turbo.  I also think you
will not be happy unless you have at least 250HP and that takes you over
the Price range for an S4 avant.  I think even with 250 HP that may not
be enough.. think 300hp and go from there.

Good luck.. Ohhh  PS a chipped older S6 avant will get you close to
300hp @ 277HP but you are paying a lot more for an older car with
probably a lot more miles. Trade off, but you are getting close at
least.  I have bought cars from all over the place. You can generally
get better prices out of state.

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I’m new to the group and, naturally have a few questions.  I have joined
group because I am shopping for a replacement for my Honda Accord wagon.
also own a ’95 BMW M3, lightly modded but aggressively driven, a Jag
drophead, a ’64 ALFA 2600 Touring Spyder, a pickup and a John Deere
(one of my favorite rides!)

I like cars.  I live in the mountains and “commute” down into the valley
most every weekday with the Honda, but love to carve the canyons up with
M3 when I can.  The problem is two-fold: I used to think the Honda was
acceptable everyday driver until I got the M3.  Now I can hardly stand
drive the slow car.  Also, it snows up here and the pickup, while a 4x4,
well, a truck.

So, what to get?  I’m a fan of good used cars and have had great luck
them.  So, my budget hovers around $15-20K.  Drove a bunch of cars: WRX
Subie (too small, too tinny, too much of a “light switch” car with the
boost), some smaller SUV’s like the CRX and the RAV4, but too slow, no
handling, etc.  Minivans?  Ah, no.  Bigger Subarus?  They’re OK, but
and, other than AWD, not any better than the Honda.  Volvo XC?  Nice
WAY too expensive.  BMW 325IT?  See Volvo XC.  Mercedes-Benz 300TE with
4matic?  Heard bad things about that system: heavy and prone to failure,
they meet a bunch of the things I’d like in a car.  The two wheel drive
300TE is a VERY nice car: fast, quiet, comfortable, dependable and about
right size.  Did I miss any other cars that should be on my short list?

So, that brings me back to Audi, which I have always liked anyway.  A
friend has a 2000 A4 Avant Quattro with Tip and I like it, a lot.
small, though, and that 1.8T just isn’t quite enough.  Another friend
has a
2002 S6 Avant and it is wonderful, but, again, my poor budget just can’t
there, even though she’s going to sell it.  (She says it’s too slow,
have the new RS!)  So for me that leaves the Audi 6 series Avant; the
95-97 S6 or the ’99 and up A6 looks just about perfect.

If you’re still with me after all that: what do you recommend between
two?  Both sell in the high teens, low 20’s so they fit my budget.  The
is quite rare on the left coast so I’m not sure that this is even a
choice.  Is it worth looking for?  How much slower is the newer A6 than
UrS6?  What can be done to improve performance, both power and handling?
What problems should I look out for on each of these models?  Any other
Audis fit the bill?  All advice and suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks a lot, in advance.


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