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Fri Mar 21 13:50:27 EST 2003


I am sending this email to several people who are interested in my Audis.

First of, I am located at 16th Ave and Balboa Ave, Richmond District in San
Francisco, two blocks from Geary.

I will park two cars in front of a corner two story house, 595 16th Ave. You
can come by and take a look at them. Please email me if you need to talk to
me. I will schedule time to meet with you.

I might have some pictures later if I can get my hand on good digital

As for prices, I will take the best offer. No trade please (absolutely no).

1/ 1989 Silver Audi 100 Quattro (manual all wheel drive). Non Turbo. Black
leather interior. 250K miles.
Negative points: ripped driver's seat. I am making a black cover for it.
Small dings and some scratches on this 14 year old car.
Wood trim in the front panel was removed. I will have a replacement for the
Bad Wheel Bearing. Will be fixed today.
Flasher unit operates intermittently, and I will debug this, to see which
relay/fuse I have to replace or possible some loose wires somewhere.

I haven't use heated seats. This might not work.

AC blows cold. Heater works.
Other than those, it runs so well you will have a blast.
May need timing belt change, cause I don't know the history of the car.
I will change the oil, but if you want to do it yourself, I will let the
buyer do this.

The Cassette-Radio-Speaker system on this one is awesome.

Preferably an Audi Enthusiast will buy this car.

2/ 1990 Pearl White 200 Turbo Quattro (manual, all wheel drive). This is a
nice car.
Negative points:
Hand brakes needs adjustment. I will do this. But if you can do better,
please make offer.
AC is not blowing cold. Heat is OK. But I will figure what needs to be done
on this AC.
You can't unlock/lock the car from the driver's side. Only the passenger
side. Easy fix, but time consuming.
I have not used heated seats function. Again, this might not work.

Scratches and small dings on this 13 year old car. Interior is beautiful.
Beautiful black sport seats inside. It's a really nice looking car, and it
drives great. Very strong. New fuel distributor. New Idle Stabilizer. I plan
to change the brake pads in the front. But if you want to do it yourself,
make offer. Also, I want to flush the power steering fluid and change it
with the synthetic 11S pentosin oil.

I bought this car from Southern Cal. It does have license plate yet. I
haven't gone to DMV. But plan to soon. Hopefully with the new owner of this
car, so we can do the paper work in one shot.

This Turbo car can be modded with Ben Swan's chip to get 230 HP, from its
current 165 HP. ( I haven't done this, but it's doable.)

3/ 1987 5000 CS Turbo Quattro. Not ready for sale. Needs a new CV joint.

Hien Pham

hienpham0000 at hotmail.com

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