[ba] four original urq Ronal wheels - $20 OBO

R. W. Zehr rzehr at pacbell.net
Fri May 2 21:31:26 EDT 2003

I have a set of four sixteen-spoke Ronal 6x15" wheels from my urq - 5x108mm
bolt circle, offset ET45. These wheels will fit many different german cars,
and are suitable for snow tires or introductory racing use.

They are sprayed black with the rim left silver, which looks better than it
sounds. They are rough in appearance, after having spent at least one
winter in Tahoe grit. They could stand to be resprayed or you could strip
them and repaint body-colored.

I've got no place to store them nor any use for them, and am asking $20
only to make myself feel better about "giving" them away...

Come and pick them up in the north Bay area, unless you want to pay to ship
80 lbs.

Rick Zehr

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