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Thu Nov 20 11:58:40 EST 2003

the same price as is shown for the discounted individual tickets ... I will
check with Sears to see if it is possible to get a discounted 3 day pass as
well.  I would imagine that we'll need to get 20+ tickets sold on each day
to qualify for a corral.  

I tried to do this last year for the ALMS race at Laguna Seca ... but their
policy on corrals is significantly different from that at Sears Point ...
which made it impractical.  I will also do what I can to try to tie our
corral to whatever AoA is doing at the event.  I haven't had too much luck
at this in the past, but that will not dissuade me ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

Note that I will do my best not to bombard the qlist, v8 and urq lists with
info about this corral ... I am posting this note because I know there are a
good many folks who might be interested in attending the event who are not
members of the audifans "Bay Area Group" list.  If you want to be sure to be
notified as things develop ... or help out with coordination ... you might
want to add your e-mail to the ba-group list ... or check the list archives
regularly ... check out:

for more info ... SLB

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