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Thu Nov 20 11:58:40 EST 2003

urquattro did not have one from the factory (it does now).  Its primary
purpose is to keep chunks of material from getting to the fuel pump.  While
I doubt that there is much chance of damage, I figure that letting
particulate run through the pump has got to shorten its life.  Of course if
the prefilter gets clogged, the pump having to draw hard through it will
probably shorten the pump life too!

I'll bet your Coupe is exactly like my urq ... the filter is mounted under
the car in back near the fuel pump.  It has been a while since I've been
under that end of the car ... but I'm pretty sure it is on the driver's
side.  You will find the rubber line from the tank to the pump, and the hard
line from the pump goes to the filter.  I heartily recommend using a "flare
nut" wrench to replace the filter ... the fittings always seem hard to
loosen, and you're in deep if you round off the flats on the fuel line!

If you have not replaced the rubber line to the pump yet, I'd recommend that
you do it while you are in there ... it would give you a chance to add the
prefilter as well ... but if you decide to do this make sure the tank is as
close to empty as possible and drain it before pulling the line that goes to
the tank.  I learned about the effects of MTBE the hard way ... the rubber
line on my urq started leaking right after the tank was filled (i.e. 23+
gallons on the urq) with the very first tank of RFG II.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> I'm reposting this as I think it bounced when audifans was unavailable
> yesterday.
> 1982 Coupe.
> My Bentley manual from 1983 shows the prefilter back by the tank and the
> main filter on the firewall. I haven't pulled all of the trunk liner out
> but the prefilter isn't under the filler tube as I thought it would be
> on the illustration. And the main filter is nowhere near the firewall. My
> friend at the parts house who sold me the filters said they're probably
> under the car somewhere.

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