[ba] 82 audi coupe dies intermittently

audion at serversmiths.com audion at serversmiths.com
Tue Nov 11 19:31:29 EST 2003

Say Folks,

I have an intermittent issue on my car that has me stumped. It started
in the summer and I thought it was heat related but it's now doing is
even when cold.

Initially, I could start and drive the car any distance with no
problems and then park it. If I started it up again within, say, half
and hour and drove it, sometime during the next 5-20 minutes it would
die. Restarting would be very difficult unless I waited about 30
seconds. Then it would start and run for some period of time, 5
minutes, 30 minutes or all the rest of the day.

I got in the habit of getting out and removing the gas cap and that
seemed to make it start faster/easier, so I thought it was a venting
issue for the fuel system.

Eventually it got to where it was doing it even when it wasn't hot and
when I talked with a local mechanic he suggested replacing the fuel
pump check valve. I did that and that seems to have made the problem
worse. He said that it could be the fuel pump but as it starts okay
when cold and when running, runs normal but then just dies, I wonder if
it isn't something else. Once I wait to start it, it does start back up
without seeming to have to pump/pressurize the system.

Any advice/tips are appreciated.

Again, it's a stock 1982 Coupe.


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