[ba] 82 audi coupe dies intermittently (audion@serversmiths.com)

superba superba at comcast.net
Wed Nov 12 12:53:49 EST 2003


Okay, here's my wag.  Check the ground lead from the fuel pump relay to
ground.  You didn't say if it's a turbo, but if it is, there is a switch in
the "vacuum" line that cuts off fuel when there's too much boost(called a
safety switch, of all things).  A faulty one of those @#$#% switches cost me
a $500 fuel pump replacement(including towing and rental).  If the ground is
good, check the fuel pump relay itself.  The older relays carried so much
current, and the solder joints in the relay were so bad, that the joints
become intermittent.  You can repair a relay by carefully removing the
plastic cover and checking the solder joints.  If you're electronically
challenged, the joints ought to be shiny and connect completely to the
circuit board traces.  There may be corrosion, just scrape it away so you
can see.



Jim Jordan

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