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Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Mon Oct 20 15:33:58 EDT 2003

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I spoke with the new owner (Ron) of my old car 98 A8.  He said that the
local Dealer (Burlingame) that did the work for the PO ( not me, the guy
before me) totally screwed him on a bunch of different things.   First
of all they put the wrong coolant in the car.  This caused the head
gasket to be eaten away.  At the 90k service they did not replace the
rear cam shaft seal ( which leaked ) and they put the valve cover
gaskets on upside down ( which leaked too )  So Ron the guy who bought
the car from me a month and a half ago had to put in 4 grand into the
car ( which is now in tip top shape).   I am surprised that this Stealer
( Wrecked em?? Damn near smashed it to bits!!) is allowed to keep their
franchise with stories like this.  Talk about criminals!

The plot thickens.. Ron's next door neighbor used to work for said
dealer, and quit due to the "internal policies" of paying the mechanics
a certain amount of money and then docking their pay if they don't get
through enough cars or jobs.  According to  the neighbor, a 30k mile
service in one particular instance included parking the car  in the
corner of the room and nothing else.  No fluid changes of any kind ...
His neighbor said that any time you get the multi point inspections
done, check the air in the spare tire to see how thorough they really

So Ron told me that his new mechanic sent some of Audis expen$ive,
synthetic transmission fluid to be tested.  The test house found that
the Audi fluid which was indeed synthetic, easily burnt, and in his
opinion was no way near as good as the redline fluid.   He uses Redline
in all of the changes at his shop.

Dan Hamren

90 V8

96 A6

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