[ba] Re: 80tq: Dyno Update, 291whp 306ft/lbs

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Sep 4 03:41:50 EDT 2003

> Fast and the Furious?  Ya, you know that scene when he's drag racing, and his
> floor boards fly off cause he's going so fast, and then his programmable EFI
> system starts blinking "WARNING, OVERLOAD" on the screen..sigh...we need to
> add that feature to 034efi, howz this for a sales pitch - "ALL NEW FEATURE: Will
> blow your frickin' floor boards off, then warn you about it!!"

and all I'm thinking is, 140 mph on the *street* and you're gonna look
over at a laptop and slam it shut?

Also, there is no way on earth that a little 4 cyl car is gonna keep up
with that supercharged detroit iron later in the film.  No way...

What it coulda used was some 5 cyl engine sounds :)  Where were you?

Huw Powell



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