[ba] Help Resue an Old Fox ...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Mon Sep 15 01:53:48 EDT 2003

Well, I got a letter from the city of San Jose on Friday ... someone turned
me in for the Fox sitting in my driveway ... if I don't show it as
operational or get rid of it by 9/19 I get a $250 fine.

I'm going to call the people tomorrow to see what I need to do, but I think
all I need to do is show that the car works.  It has been a while since I
started it so I spent a few minutes looking at the car yesterday.  I suspect
the FI system is gunked up from the gas that is sitting in the system.  I
was wondering if there was any fellow Fox fan out there who would be willing
to temporarily transplant the FI system onto my car should that be
necessary.  I was surprised how easy it was to pull the whole thing out of
there!  2 screws for the CS injector, 3 for the fuel distributor, 2 for the
control pressure regulator, 2 fuel lines and pop the injectors from the head
... voila!  The other interesting thing is that you don't open the fuel
system up at all, except at the feed and return lines ... if someone wants
to help I will pay for a new CSV gasket and injector seals.  Probably takes
45 minutes at most to do.  I'm pretty sure any one of the Fox's VW cousins
could be a donor as well ... Rabbit, Dasher, etc ... I've got a good number
of spares, and I'll make the system I have work if at all possible, but I
want to have backup if I can.

Tom Nas says he still is interested in the car, so I want to see if I can
save it from the wrecking yard.  I know there are other local Fox fans
interested in the car ... if you have a place to put the car I can probably
get it towed.

Ah yes, one last thing ... has anyone seen an old Audi Fox in a wrecking
yard?  The one thing I could really use is a fuel tank ...

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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