[ba] Equal tube header, interest? Turbo and exhaust manifold flanges interest?

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
Mon Sep 22 16:28:25 EDT 2003

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Some have told me they are interested in exhaust manifold flanges and or
a complete header.  I will start making the header in the next couple of
week and I will be running flanges.  I have 316 stainless steel at .5"
thick to approx .45 thick finished to make exhaust flanges and turbo
flanges, inlet and exhaust.  Currently I could make approx 4-5 exhaust
flanges and several turbo, inlet and outlet flanges as well as waste
gate flanges.

If there is enough interest it may pay to have it water jet cut because
for me to machine it will take nearly 4 hours for the exhaust flange.
But it will cost nearly 200 to set up the water jet cutter.

I suspect either way it will be around 70-100 each for the exhaust
flange and 25-40 each for the turbo flanges.  Depending on how many
cutters I use.

A completed header would be around 1k.  It would be made of 1 5/8 s.s.
with .049 wall.  I would have over $600 worth of stainless steel in it.
I have a design in cad and can post pictures if anyone is interested.  I
have modeled up the engine block and some other parts, generically, so
that I could design it to fit.  I have it modeled with a 60 or 67 trim
T04E turbo.

If there is enough interest to run more than 4 or 5 flanges the price
for the 6... ones would be a lot more.  This is because I bought out a
rem supply of stainless steel to do the first ones.  If I had to
actually buy it retail it would be at least 2x.  This would bump the
price of the material for each exhaust flange by $50 ea.

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