[ba] Cam's for Cheap!

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
Thu Apr 8 14:06:49 EDT 2004

Ok, who is interested in a reground AAN cam that has the RS2 profile on
it.  I have a buddy of mine who is a local cam grinder that just
refurbished my 7A and is willing to do this mod.   Apparently lot's of
Audi aftermarket places have this done with great success, I have even
heard that some don't mention it is a regrind.  I suspect that it would
cost around $250-$400 with a core exchange and depending on how many
people we got to do it at once.  If a few people are willing to donate
there old AAN exhaust cams this would aid in getting an exchange program

On a separate note, I have just had some 7A's cleaned up by this guy.
Turns out that the Audi's stock grind is really nice on paper but they
did a piss poor job of cutting the cam.  I suspect that if you look at
any Audi cam you will see lot's of bumps on the ramps, this is just poor
grinding.  My buddy has a very new cam grinder along with the 7A and RS2
master to refurbish either cam.  If you are going to bother to put an
old cam in your car I think that it is worth having it refurbished/
reground and straightened before putting it in.  If it is just a regrind
it could be as little as $125-$220 depending on how bad the cam is.

I have been using this guy for a long time, he is the successor to
Delong Cam's basically the second guy in the u.s. to do aftermarket cam
grinding.  He has all of Delong's old masters as well as some new ones.
He has one of the newest manual cam grinders out there and does quality
work.  Unlike many other cam grinder where the guy doing the grinding is
some kid off of the street so the quality is sort of random.  If anyone
knows Delong cams the quality has always been impeccable and he is
carrying on this tradition.  I will have pictures of my refurbished 7A's
if anyone wants to see his work.

If anyone is interested contact me, if we get enough people we may be
able to reduce the cost. 

Again, Refurbish basically any cam and or

Regrind an AAN to an RS2.

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