[ba] fuel pump relay is "special"?

audion at serversmiths.com audion at serversmiths.com
Tue Apr 13 12:35:38 EDT 2004

Say Folks,

Somehow I don't have a fuel pump relay in my fuse panel and I'm 
thinking that might be the cause of my intermittent running on my 82 

How the car was running before with no relay I don't quite understand. 
But since I'm still trying to sort out intermittent dying (posted about 
back 5 months ago) I figure I should get the relay back in the panel.

But anyway, Sonnen wants $60 for the relay and I'm wondering if they're 
going to give me a standard Bosch relay with a $60 price or if the 
relay is somehow different than the normal 12V relays. I can see that 
some of the relays in the panel are purpose built or at least have Audi 
logos on them.

I ask this because the $25 relay on my Ducati was just a cheap Italian 
version of a Bosch that I could have bought for $10.

Any tips?



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