[ba] fuel pump relay is "special"?

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Tue Apr 13 13:00:38 EDT 2004

you should be able to tell by the schematic on the oem relay [if there is 
one] - most all aftermarket relays have a diagram. i would just get a 
junkyard one - call walt at german auto salvage in berkeley. he'll mail ya 
one for 10$. you can clean the contacts and you shoudl be good to go. unless 
whoever took it out F'd up the wiring...

i think the fuel pump relay just switches the pump on when the ignition 
comes on, i would guess its a spdt 30/40 amp if thats all it does. if the 
car runs w/out the relay that likely means that the FP is just 'hardwired' 
which may not be so good in an accident. i *think* the FP relay was more of 
a safety check than anything.


>Say Folks,
>Somehow I don't have a fuel pump relay in my fuse panel and I'm thinking 
>that might be the cause of my intermittent running on my 82 Coupe.
>How the car was running before with no relay I don't quite understand. But 
>since I'm still trying to sort out intermittent dying (posted about back 5 
>months ago) I figure I should get the relay back in the panel.
>But anyway, Sonnen wants $60 for the relay and I'm wondering if they're 
>going to give me a standard Bosch relay with a $60 price or if the relay is 
>somehow different than the normal 12V relays. I can see that some of the 
>relays in the panel are purpose built or at least have Audi logos on them.
>I ask this because the $25 relay on my Ducati was just a cheap Italian 
>version of a Bosch that I could have bought for $10.
>Any tips?
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