[ba] fuel pump relay is "special"?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Apr 13 16:12:20 EDT 2004

audion at serversmiths.com writes:
> On Tuesday, April 13, 2004, at 11:57 AM, Ti Kan wrote:
> > The '82 Coupe (and any early CIS car) fuel pump relay is not a simple
> > relay.  It has an electronic counting circuit in it that turns on
> > the fuel pump when it detects ignition pulses.  If the ignition
> > system stops it will shut off the relay for safety reasons.
> Okay, that's what I needed to know, so I guess I will pop the $60.
> But since it is supposed to cut the current flow I still don't see how 
> the engine was running (for quite a long times. . .months, maybe years) 
> without the relay in place.

Maybe your car had the recall done, so the relay is actually off-board,
but the little harness plug that goes to the fuel pump relay position
on the relay panel had fallen off?

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