[ba] fuel pump relay is "special"?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Apr 13 18:02:25 EDT 2004

audion at serversmiths.com writes:
> On Tuesday, April 13, 2004, at 01:12 PM, Ti Kan wrote:
> > Maybe your car had the recall done, so the relay is actually off-board,
> > but the little harness plug that goes to the fuel pump relay position
> > on the relay panel had fallen off?
> No, I've owned it since new and there was never a recall done. I did 
> replace the fuse panel myself around 1984-5 but an identical unit went 
> back in the car.

Hmm, ok. Weird.  Maybe the fuel pump relay itself fell off? :)

Anyway, if your car never had the recall done, you might want
to duplicate the mod to prevent future fuse/relay panel failure.
If you want details send me private email.

BTW, make sure you get the appropriate relay for a 5-cylinder car.
A 4-cylinder model will appear to "work" but the over-rev cut off
limit would kick in too soon.

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