[ba] some quattro parts

Brian Devlin nilvednairb at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 21:54:23 EDT 2004

I'm clearing out my garage, and have a couple 5k part
y'all might like:

1 5kq turbo "extra" oil filter. My car only uses the
regular one, but I didn't know that. $10 from Carlson,
I'll start the bidding at one bottle of half-decent

1 5k driveshaft. I don't even know what wheel it's for
because some junk yard guy said it would fit my 4kq;
it's been sitting in my garage ever since. 
**Limited time special offer**pick up only**
**Includes one bottle of half-decent beer!!!!!**

I'm also getting rid of a bunch of other stuff-
especially scrap metal, random car parts, furniture.
Come by and have a look around.
-Located just east of Palo Alto

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